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Rockcastle County Government

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Brief History
Rockcastle County’s government was formed by an act of the state legislature, granting it the status of a local governing unit in 1810, and the newly formed county’s first court met in Mt. Vernon, which was founded in1789. The first local governing body was headed by the clerk of the county and county squires. Today, the Rockcastle County Fiscal Court is comprised of six members:  the county judge-executive and five squires elected from individual magisterial districts. In addition to standard government operations, the fiscal court oversees all budgets of each of the county’s constitutional officers and is required to oversee all operations of the offices comprising the county government.

Dates, Times, and Meeting Locations of the Local Governing Body     
The Rockcastle County Fiscal Court holds a Regular Called meeting every month on the second Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in the County Courthouse. All meetings are open to the public; however, 24 hours’ advance notice is required in order for any group or individual to be placed on the agenda. The court is required, however, to recognize any citizen or group of the Commonwealth who appears at the regular meeting and who wishes to bring any business before the governing body, and that person or group will be recognized and given time to make a presentation of any grievances, claims, or other business with the County. 

In addition to the twelve regular meetings, the fiscal court generally holds as many as 18 special meetings in the course of a year, and each of these meetings is open to the public and news media are required to receive 24 hours’ notice of such meetings and receive a copy of the special agenda. Only business listed on the agenda may be discussed and acted upon by the court at a special meeting.


County Officials / Constitutional Officers     

County Judge-Executive
Doug Bishop

See list to the right for all county officers.

Other local government entities are:
Rockcastle County Library (taxing district)
Rockcastle County Ambulance Service (non-taxing district)
Rockcastle County Fire & Rescue (non-taxing district)
Rockcastle County Emergency Management Agency (non-taxing district)
Rockcastle County Soil Conservation (taxing district)
Rockcastle County Board of Education (taxing district)
Rockcastle County Extension Service (taxing district)


Rockcastle County Occupational Tax Office

Fiscal Court Clerk: Patricia Martin
Phone (606)256-8374
Fax (606)256-8104
Occupational Tax Documents


Rockcastle County 911 & Addressing

Call 911 for Emergencies
Addressing:  606-256-2121
P. O. Box 700
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Rockcastle County Road Department

Or County Judge Executive’s Office
2528 S. Wilderness Rd.
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


State Highway Garage

South Highway 25


Rockcastle Co. Solid Waste Office

Solid Waste Coordinator James Renner
205 E. Main St., # 14
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
Please call for information on local recycling opportunities.


Rockcastle Co. Emergency Management

Howell Holbrook, Jr.
P. O. Box 755
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

Rockcastle County Health Department

P. O. Box 840  
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Dog Warden

Richard Gibbs
P. O. Box 755
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Rockcastle County Animal Shelter

224 Deep Hollow Rd.
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Mt. Vernon City Hall

P. O. Box 1465
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Brodhead City Hall

P. O. Box 556
Brodhead, KY 40409


Livingston City Hall

P. O. Box 654
Livingston, KY 40445


Eastern Rockcastle Water Association

P. O. Box 540
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Western Rockcastle Water Association

P. O. Box 627
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Mt. Vernon Water Works

P. O. Box 1465
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Brodhead Water & Sewer

P. O. Box 556
Brodhead, KY 40409


Permitted Garbage Haulers for Rockcastle County:

Bee Garbarge
P. O. Box 899
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

I & M Garbage
P. O. Box 1071
London, KY 40743

Perkins Sanitation
P. O. Box 728
Berea, KY 40403

Rhodus Garbage
5018 Cartersville Rd.
Berea, KY 40403


Dumpster Services:

Bee Garbage   606-256-2334
Rhodus Garbage   859-925-2801
Waste Management   606-864-7996


Transfer Station:

Bee Garbage   606-256-2334


Nearby Landfills:

Laurel Ridge Landfill   606-864-7996
Tri-K Landfill   606-365-7806



ASPI, 50 Lair Street (rechargeable batteries)   606-256-0077
Bee Garbage, US 25 South (cardboard)   606-256-2334
Cook Brothers/Rockcastle Auto Parts, S 25 South (rechargeable batteries) 606-256-2298
Napa/ Radio Shack, Main Street (rechargeable batteries)   606-256-2147  
County Garage, 2528 S. Wilderness Rd. (newspapers, junk mail, #1 plastics, #2 plastics, magazines, catalogs, steel cans, aluminum cans, rechargeable batteries, used motor oil, office paper)   606-256-2956
White Star Auto Parts, US 25 South (rechargeable batteries)   606-453-4251


City of Mt. Vernon

No zoning regulations.

Property taxes: 0.167%

Businesses pay:
            -Net Profit license fee tax ½% (0.005)
            -Business privilege license fee (amount due based on business classification)

Any questions concerning City of Mt. Vernon taxes contact Josh Bray at City Hall 606-256-3437.


City of Brodhead

No zoning regulations.
Property taxes: 0.24%
Business privilege license fee is based on business classification.


City of Livingston

No zoning regulations.
Property taxes: 0.25%
Business privilege license fee: $26.00




Contact Information:

County Offices


County Judge Executive
Doug Bishop

Rockcastle County Fiscal Court Office
P. O. Box 755
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
E-mail the Judge Executive
E-mail the Fiscal Court


District 1 Magistrate

Shannon Bishop


District 2 Magistrate,
William Denny


District 3 Magistrate

Bill McKinney

District 4 Magistrate

Gary Burdette

District 5 Magistrate

Michael P. McGuire


County Treasurer
Joseph Clontz
75 Main Street
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
E-Mail the County Treasurer


Circuit Court Clerk
Eliza York
205 E. Main St., Room 102
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
E-Mail the Circuit Court Clerk

Docket & Office Info


County Clerk
Danetta Ford Allen
205 E. Main St., Box 6
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456


Mike Peters
205 E. Main St., Box 2
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
E-Mail the Sheriff


Rockcastle County Detention Center
Carlos McClure, Jailer
205 E. Main St., Box 12
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

E-Mail the Jailer


County Attorney
William D. Reynolds
P. O. Box 1250
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456
E-Mail the County Attorney


Property Valuation Administration
Janet Vaughn
P. O. Box 977
Mt. Vernon, KY 40456



County Coroner
Marvin E. Owens


District Judge

Katie Wood


District Judge

Scott Lawless


Circuit Judge

Jeffery Burdette


Circuit Judge

David Tapp


Circuit Judge (Family Court)

Marcus Vanover




District One

Joe Bussell


District Two

Delno McClure


District Three

Frank Maples


District Four

Donnie Cope


District Five

Chris Mason

Note: All official records of the County Government are filed in the Office of the County Clerk. All inquiries regarding civil and criminal court proceedings should be directed to the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk. All inquiries regarding the county government should be directed to the Office of the County Judge-Executive.